Mystery calculator


Here's what I found in the Johnson Space Center archives:

  • First one is clearly a 48 (pic taken in 1992)
  • Second one: mystery calculator (pic taken in 1992)
  • Third one is clearly a 41 (pic taken in 1985)

Any ideas about the second one?

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I also found this shot on Youtube (look at 6:28). Doesn't look like a HP at all (metallic finition, no trapezoidal shape).

Any clue as to what it might be?


Do you know what mission that second pic is from? If it was Apollo-Soyuz, my money would be on an Elektronika. I believe some of those models had the white with red keys. It looks similar to the MK-54. Just a stab in the dark really.


All three pics are from space shuttle missions. Here's an Elektronika for comparison purposes:


There are different types. Here's a MK-54 for comparison:


Nonetheless, the two astronauts in the pic are americans aboard a space shuttle. I checked TIs of the early 90s and there's no match. I'm thinking it might be a Casio or a Sharp but haven't found any match so far...

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