hp 42s combining strings


Trying to combine 2 strings, apparently you can have up to 15 characters in the alpha register, i seem to be able to put more (not the storage reg., only 6 in there.) What I want to do is append the 2nd string to the 1st string. I know the append function is that sideways "T" but it doesn't work in this case.

Here's my program,
02 "<="
03 ARCL 10
04 "D="
05 ARCL 11
07 END

I would like the end result in the alpha register to be... <=90.0000D=10.0000
Any help thanx Shawn,,,,MeisterEister@aol.com


If I recall correctly, an extra "enter" at the beginning of the string will enable the append mode.


right, i know the append symbol but it doesn't work either.
thnx for the reply


It works OK for me. Typed in your prog, but before each line with alpha code, I typed (Shift) ALPHA ENTER, then the text. This gave a line like this, for example:

04 |-"D="

The bar-hyphen was a single char; a T on its side as you described it. Replacing all alpha lines in this way gave exactly the output you wanted.


Try this:

02 "<="
03 ARCL 10
04 |-" D=" (the |- symbol is entered by pressing [ENTER] in ALPHA mode, as Andrés mentioned)
05 ARCL 11
07 END

This should work. Unless you are trying to place D=value in the lower line; if so, you'll need the Line Feed (LF) character, available at ALPHA, PUNC, down-arrow, last-softkey. Your program would look like this:

02 "<="
03 ARCL 10
04 |-"LF D=" (the LF symbol is one-character wide)
05 ARCL 11
07 END
Forgive-me if this is not what you want, but it may be helpfull one day.



thnx, 42 rulz

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