HP41CX x Psion LZ64.


Can we compare a HP41CX with a Psion LZ64?
I am using a Psion LZ64 is is really an excellent equipment.
Can anybody lift a negative point in relation to HP-41CX?
I didn't find none :-)
Whose is the supremacy?

Technical specification Psion LZ64


Can anybody lift a negative point in relation to HP-41CX?
Major, major (to me anyway): no HPIL. The 82169A HPIL-to-HPIB interface converter transparently gave the 41 access to many pieces of lab equipment simultaneously. There were other interface converters as well like the FSI164A which went from HPIL to up to eight RS-232 channels, the parallel interface converter, HPIL modem, printers, tape & disc drives, etc., and the 41 could connect to, and handle, all of these simultaneously. My first automated test set-up at work to test a particular communications product in the late 1980's was controlled by a 41cx and a 10-page program.

Also, what kind of OS? Can keys be re-assigned? And does the Psion have a time-of-day clock and calendar plus stopwatch functions, multiple alarms that can wake it up to do a job periodically and put it back to sleep?

Of course, the 41cx wasn't the end-all hand-held, and neither was the 71 with all the user-group additions which was far superior although less practical as a calculator; but the 41cx was amazing and is still very useful.


Having an Psion XP among many PDA's I really am amazed by the capabillities of these little wonders.


"Major, major (to me anyway): no HPIL ..."

I am only comparing the Calculators no the interfaces for normal
use but the LZ64 has additional communication port enabling the
attachment of a wide range of peripherals such as modems,
printers, bar code readers, CCD scanners, mag card swipes and more.

"Also, what kind of OS?"


"Can keys be re-assigned?"

I can create options in the menu for my programs

"And does the Psion have a time-of-day clock and calendar plus stopwatch functions..."

Yes have a time-of-day clock and calendar plus stopwatch

OPL commands and functions

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I'd say that for heavy mathematics, the 41 is better prepared out of the box. For software customization, they're probably about on par. (What's the maximum RAM for a 41? I've got a Psion Organiser II XP with 32 KB RAM built in, plus two expansion slots.) An interesting feature of the Psion is that you can write a function in OPL, compile it, and then call it from the built in calculator program like any other internal math function. The Series 3 allowed this as well, though they dropped this functionality from the Series 5, for whatever reason (along with a few other steps backward that I won't get into).

On a related note, I read that the OPL programming language of the Psion is compiled internally to some sort of RPN code.


"What's the maximum RAM for a 41?"

My 41CX +/- 2.3 Kbytes

My LZ64 64RAM built in plus 512 Kbytes in two expansion slots!!!


I think mine has a spell-checker/thesaurus as well (on ROM).

Sadly, a couple of columns in the LCD stopped working but otherwise, those machines had great potential and were quick and easy to use. I went through a lot of PDAs after that and it took many years for me to find one which had the same operational ease.



Mine is with 512 K plus synthesizer of voice plus module of mathematics plus financial module

Psion language is super powerful and structured as the current ones

4 display lines (20x4) it is really a differential

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