HP71B mains adaptor


At the back of my HP71B are two sockets for HPIL connectors and another which I presume is for a mains adaptor. Can anyone please inform me what the specification would be for an adaptor?



In the U.S. it's HP number 82059D, the same one that goes to the 82161A tape drive, the thinkjet printer, the 82169A HPIL-to-HPIB converter, and other things. Output is 8VAC.


Thanks Garth. I doubt I could get the HP part. I'm hoping to find out the full spec for an adaptor that I could find elsewhere.



It's just a transformer, no regulation or rectification at all. Output is rated 8 VAC at 3VA, I measured 12.5 V RMS with no load.


Thanks Katie, I should be able to find something to that spec.



I was trying to think of a way you could substitute something; but I have never seen that plug outside of the HP equipment. You might have to more-or-less custom-make it, possibly with some Molex pin sockets.

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