For those who are interested in : i59 available on Appstore


Hello all,

I know it is not an HP, but as it is also an interesting calc, let me advise you from this new emulator for iPhone/iPod Touch. Sorry, I still haven't downloaded the latest 3.0 OS on my iPod, so I can't copy & paste the link to.
(I'm not involved in any way in this emulator, and especially on a money point of view. :-)

At least this emulator will definitively fix the usual problem of bouncing keys of TI calcs from this time.

Kind regards.


I wonder how many people on this forum would pay US$5.99 for a real TI59?

Just kidding. I own one and paid a bit more than that for it. :) Thanks for the pointer. It's another fun little mathematical toy for my iPod.



I could not tell from the App store description or from their website if it is a simulation (e.g. like Free42) or an emulation (e.g. like EMU42).


Simulation ...


I think, no one ever managed to extract the 59's ROM code. BTW, does i59 come with any modules? Is the card reader emulated in any way?


You think right, unfortunately ...


I could extract the ROM code, but I don't have any information on the enhancements of the TMC0501E as compared to the original TMC0501. There might be more registers, more instructions, or who knows what. It doesn't seem worth investing the time to dump the ROM unless either docs turn up or someone finds the time to reverse-engineer the TMC0501E.


Just extract the ROM :-)

Everything else could be figured out either from the patents or by tracing through the code, as I already did with TI-57. It will take a lot of time, but I am sure it can be done.

As far as I know, there are no new registers (except maybe KR - I have to see if it is in the original TMC0501) and only 8 new instructions ... see page 2 from US patent #4153937.


The description of the figure is

FIG. 5h depicts the instruction words decoded on the second ROM chip and selected instruction words decoded on the arithmetic chip, but which may be conveniently employed in connection with the utilization of the second ROM chip;

[emphasis added]

Some of these instructions are thus interpreted by the TMC0501E, but these are being presented to explain the support for the second DSCOM, and it's not at all obvious that there are no other enhancements being used in the 58/59.

However, I'll dump the ROMs when I find some spare time. Most likely not until early next year.

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