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I'm trying to find if HP calculators were ever used by ESA (European Space Agency) engineers with the Arianne space program. Do you know any french forum which in which I might pitch this question? (english question for the benefit of other readers)


Bonjour Étienne, connais des forums dans lesquels je pourrais obtenir de l'info à propos des calculatrices utilisées par les ingénieurs de l'ESA dans le cadre du programme Arianne? Merci!


Hello Hecube!

Thank you for your effort on documenting the Hps in space!

I'm highly interested in your findings.

On your question about the most appropriate french forums to ask info on this topic, I would suggest:

- Le forum de la conquête spatiale

- la section astronautique de futura-sciences

However, the ESA & the various Ariane missions are a collaborative work of 18 european countries and not only France.

Therefore I'd suggest extending your investigations with our european friends on the forum.

Best regards from France!



... and of course, more Hp-41 centered but with a couple of helpful members:

Le forum de la Hp-41




Super! Merci!

Je me suis inscrit aux trois forum.

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