Women in the Forum?


Only a curiosity. Does this forum have women are crazy for calculators and pockets? :-)


There's me.


All of the men of the forum have his history, Chemical, Biologistas, Doctors, Engineers and you Katie Wasserman?
How did you begin in that passion?
You excuse for my English. :-)


If I may...

Not all the men in this forum have a Chemical, Biology, Medical, Engineering background.

There is also a small group of bean-counters I proudly belong to :-)






Also physics.


I posted a bio here.


Only a curiosity. Does this forum have women are crazy for calculators and pockets? :-)

does gender matter? an hp nut is an hp nut. still, it's great to have Katie and Etienne in this forum :-)


hpnut in Malaysia



Etienne is a male's name, the equivalent of the German name Stefan.




As odd as it may seem, I'm an a musician. I work in music publishing. However, before my music career, I studied in math and computer science.


I don't think that's odd at all. Music, math and computer science all fit together very nicely. Did you ever read Hofstadter's book Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid?



I did. I have a few Hofstadter books in my bookshelves.


I am just finishing a program for the 42s that I got from his book Metamagical Themas called CopyCat. You enter a string of 6 characters and the calc picks a method and "changes" the string in a certain way, then displays the result. You get three test strings to figure out what the calc is doing, then the calc gives you a string and it's up to you to figure out what it should change to, following the pattern.

Example: ABCDEF to ABCDEG - This could be that the last character is shifted one to the right, or the last character is always 'G'. You can confirm that with more test strings.

Of course, the more interesting ones are much more complicated. Switching and rotating letters around, doing changes depending on what letters are present, etc.

I'll have it done and posted in the next week or so.



This is my nightstand book right now. Unfortunately, I hit the sack without reading...


It is on the thick side...


AFAIK, music and math have (had?) a very close relation for 2500 years at least. Some math was discovered looking at harmonies ...


Walter: Yes they do (music and math). But some of the worst music ever written has been inflicted on the world by the misapplication of math techniques on music in the past century. Somehow the perpetrators forgot that music is sound, and what it sounds like matters.

Katie: Thanks for reminding me that I have to have another go at "Gödel, Escher, Bach" some day. It's a pretty heady read. I tried to get through it once, but I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

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