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Hi all!
Lately I ordered my PIL-box, newer version with mini-USB plug. While in pleasant anticipation :-) I checked an electronic parts dealer for an appropriate cable, and found 2 versions: 4- and 5-pin plugs. From Jean-Francois I know that the cable of the HP-50G will work. I do not have an HP-50G, but according to commerce.hpcalc.org/serialcable.php this is a 4-pin style plug. Can anyone confirm this? For those who are in Germany, is the cable AK 637 found at Reichelt.de appropriate for the PIL-box?

Thanks & kind regards, Juergen


Found the information on http://www.geocalc.com.au/product/F2229AA (HP-50G product info):
USB 5-pin mini-USB connector to USB (and Serial 4-pin mini-USB connector to RS232)

Regards, Juergen

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