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Does anyone have or know of an English or Spanish translation for the article "CALCULATRICES: LAQUELLE EST LA PLUS PRECISE?"



This is a funny thing. I have this Science & Vie issue just in front of me !!!



Hi John. Google Translator is ideal for this:





Was that the article from 1980 which had several programs to calculate several hundred digits of pi?




Thanks, John. I was able to translate the title; however my very poor French won't handle the text of the article. I just thought that perhaps someone had translated it or that there was an English or Spanish version of the magazine.



For a translation of a followon article on calculating many digits of pi go to Viktor Toth's site ( , go to the Library, go to Texas Instruments, go to PPC Notes and go to V8N4. You will find a translation on pages 21 ff.

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Thank you, Palmer. Only a partial translation, but still interesting reading.



Is the original french article on the web somewhere?


Yes, it is archived on the french vintage magazine site.



That's not the one I remember, although I remember that one. The other one was published later and pitted the following calculators:

Sharp PC-1211

It was another Pi shoot-out.

I remember the HP-41 being declared the winner. That article was the spark that lighted my HP lust.

Anyone know what Science et Vie number that was?



It was number n°759.

You can find scans for all articles mentionned here at the following address.


That's the one.

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