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Hugh's RPN replacement calculator, RECKON, for the Casio Slim (or FX-9860g)prompted me to finally get one, and I must say I'm impressed with the calculator and with RECKON. However, the SDK has me a bit buffaloed right now, so I haven't begun to create my own Add-in replacement. I also have to say a big thanks to Nigel for posting his RPN replacement, CasioRPN. This will certainly help me understand the "C++" coding for the calculator a bit more, and may prompt me to attempt to write one.

Since this is my first Casio (after using 20 HP's over the last 30 years) I went about creating my usual vector analysis program (something I have on several hp's) which does norms, dot and cross products, projections, additions, and angle between vectors, along with some simplistic error checking. I though this might help me understand the little bugger a bit more.

For those with the Casio slim and a desire for it to do some vector calculations, here's my little attempt at programming. I think it should be self-explanatory.


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Hi Chuck,

You might want to flash your ROM to the latest firmware if your model isn't already. there was 2.0 release from casio a while back.

I started using the textbook style display of the built in calculator and it's rather cool. I want to try to add something like that to Reckon at some point. ie formula drawing.

The free c++ compiler in the SDK is good. i've had no problems with it. It would be nice if casio would add more functions to their SDK. Hopefully, they will continue to support the SDK and improve it.

If you find any bugs in reckon, let me know and i'll fix it.

good luck,
-- hugh.


Hi Hugh. When I received the slim a week ago I flashed it to OS 01.11.0000. The Casio website that OS 2 isn't for the Slim. Now I'm confused. Can I upgrade to 2.0? Also, as Nigel pointed out, there was an error in my vecanal program (still not proficient with FA-124 and what you can and cannot do). I've uploaded a working copy without the return error.



there's some doubt now whether casio are distributing the firmware upgrade for the slim anymore. i put of a copy of the official firmware upgrade that _was_ released by casio here,

im not sure if it is still available from the casio website.


Thanks Hugh. It's definitely not available from Casio anymore, and I spent far too long looking for it. :) Thanks for the link.



Thanks for the mention! My program CASIOPRN is (sadly) written in C, not C++, but I hope you will still find it interesting. Incidentally there was a bug in it which affected tangents, sometimes; the version now on http://www.mediafire.com/casiorpn no longer has this bug. Upgrade to be safe!

I've tried using your vector program and I like its design. One oddity: I keep on getting error messages that result from the source code containing "IfEndClrText" without a return between "IfEnd" and "ClrText". I've got version 2 of the calculator OS and transfer program installed here, but why that should mess up one particular combination of commands (in several places in the program!) isn't clear.

Keep going with the Casio! The SDK is helpful and enormous fun. Since writing CASIORPN I haven't had the chance to do much more work but I'm looking forward to getting into it again. I think that it's the sheer attractiveness of the hardware (especially that high-contrast display) that makes developing for it such a pleasure.



Thanks Nigel. That line (lines) of code happened when I tried to edit the program on the computer and not the calculator (I guess it's not possible). I thought I had posted the corrected file, oops. The corrected one is now posted, so it should work better.

The last time I did any major programming was back in the days of Turbo Pascal. I'm not sure if I want to tackle C or C++; maybe this winter when I'm stuck inside.


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