How do you organize the collection?


A part of my collection is organized this way.
I would like to know like you organizes yours


Have you got an SR-22 amongst that lot? Looks like there might be a SR22 library manual on the same shelf as the TI57. If you have, I'd be quite interested in knowing what sort of applications they were showing for using floating-point hex or binary!



I would like to know like you organizes yours

I am more a user than a collector, my collection is sparse compared to yours and many others I suspect.

I store my calcs in a stack, the order is based on usage. The last calc used is on the top. My stack looks like this now:

I only support a stack depth of 4. The rest (about 5 or 6 others) are stored in a nice box on a shelf, not far from the stack. Think of my emulators as my L1 cache (both iPhone and OS/X), my stack would be my L2 cache, the rest would be in main memory and can be fetched with a latency of about 2 seconds.


I am more a user than a collector, my collection is sparse compared to yours and many others I suspect.

Ditto on that. Four Pioneers are variously on my desk at work, on the conference room table, or in my desk drawer.

Two Pioneers sit on a shelf under my desk at home, or on the desk or dining room table, when I bring design work home.

One Pioneer sits in the seatback pocket in my truck for emergencies.

My 48sx gets shuttled from work to home as I try to find time to learn how to use it effectively!

Some 38g's sit in a box right now, to be brought out again someday when I remember how much I liked actually using them instead of attempting to use the 48sx.


I have several photos in this previous thread.

This is just the books (there is a shelf of accessible calculators)
The majority of boxed calculators are on top of my desk out of reach.


I'm sure I've posted these pictures here before, but I can't find them:

Case 1 -- mixed hand held calculators

Case 2 -- mixed hand held calculators

Case 3 -- older/larger battery powered calculators

Case 4 -- all HP calculators

AC powered calculators

There pictures are pretty old, the cases are a lot more crowded now, but there are themes on a shelf-by-shelf basis. For example: the top shelf of case 2 are all metric conversion calculators; the next shelf down are all financial calculators. The HP calculators are roughly in chronological order left to right, top to bottom.

Then there's this awesome Ride snowboard featuring some of the calculators in my collection.


What is your 'exact' address? ;-)

Seriously, that is an awesome display!!! Did you get the display cases made to measure? I would love to have a nice display case for my meager 13-strong HP calculator collection (if I can even call it that after seeing yours)... One shelf could also be dedicated to my newly-acquired Hemmi 260 Advanced Engineering Slide Rule.

Mine currently sit side-be-each on my office fireplace mantle. I don't use the fireplace...




It took a long time to find these cases -- a year of looking around -- but as it turns out they were a stock item at a local "furniture barn" and were reasonably priced. The only customization I did was to order additional glass shelves for them and to install the shelves on an angle. This was easy since the display case supports the shelves on pegs that have many possible positions, adjustments at 3" intervals, so I just offset them to get a forward slope.

I store the manuals in the wooden set of drawers next to the the case with the HP calculators in them. I bought this at the same "furniture barn" also for a reasonable price. Unfortunately this store has gone out of business so I can't give you a pointer to them. However they were clearly mass produced and probably sold to many "furniture barn" type places.

Getting a nice display case really helped me get my collection going. Before I bought my first display case I had filled up a small, junky old bookcase with a couple of dozen calculators and manuals and it wasn't nearly as enjoyable to take them out and play with them. Now I keep all the calculators in the display cases ready to play with by converting them to use Energizer lithium AAA or AA cells. So I never have to charge them or worry about leakage (as far as I know).


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