I was explaining RPN to a friend. He was somewhat unconvinced and said: -I would like to have a system that works like I do it on paper. That's how my calculator works. -OK, I said, -let's look at how you do it on paper. You write down the first number, right? -Right. -Then you write the second number, right? -Right. -Then you apply the operation, right? -Right. -And then you have the answer, right? -Right. -That's also exactly how RPN works, don't you see? He thought about it for a moment. -You are right! Now I'm convinced.


It is amazing when people believe parentheses are natural and you always must have an equal sign, though there probably was a better marketing term than 'Reverse Polish Notation' which does sound complicated...


You are right, Dave. Maybe it should have been something like RPN = Regular Popular Notation. (Any other ideas?)


Well, it could be Naturally Efficient Arithmetic (or Algebraic) Technique (or NEAT for short)...

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