After the HP-67, I didn't plan on buying anything else for a while but...


I just got a HP-35 in good condition for 50$ on eBay...

Now if I could score a HP-01 for 150$...

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Years ago I bought a huge lot of adding machine calculators. I mean huge. The guy was upset the whole lot only sold for $10. But, he shipped them anyway in three huge boxes. In with the "junk": 2 HP-97's, 2 HP-91's, a couple of HP-20S's, and two HP-11C's.

Wasn't listed as a calculator auction, but I knew I'd spotted a couple of blurry HP's in the picture.

When I have the time, I still try to look for mis-classified ads. Bought an HP-71B that was listed as a "Log Scaler". Not sure what that is, but it was a 71B in a case with a large, 2-line display. I'm not sure how I found the auction, but I did.... was $20, I think.

Keep up the quest!!!


Not sure if it's a good thing to spill those but what the heck. Let's call them eBay tricks. A good way to seal a good deal is to bid on an auction which ends during the middle of the night for North America's east coast. Who gets up in the middle of the night to push up the bid one last time?


They use sniping services and sniping software instead :-)

- Pauli


I once bought a near-perfect Classic in an auction which ended during a World Cup final. I was almost the only bidder!
It's a pity these finals only happen once every 4 years ;-)

Joel Setton


Not sure if it's a good thing to spill those but what the heck. Let's call them eBay tricks.

I know a lot of those eBay tricks, too. But sometimes the "trick" that works best is just taking a chance. Like when I got my 42s. As everyone here knows, these usually bring a premium price. I bid on one that had a poor description and blurry picture, so the collectors stayed away. I correctly judged that the seller was unsophisticated, rather than devious. I was rewarded with a USA-made version in *almost* mint condition, for a very reasonable price.


But sometimes the "trick" that works best is just taking a chance.

Agreed. I got my 11C in a local auction. It had been advertised as new but the seller provided no picture. Even better, instead of money the seller accepted one of my 12Cs, still under warranty. It happens that 11C had been used only by his late father for a couple of months and been kept in a drawer during the last 20 years...

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