Has any HP calc model ever been sold under another brand?


Look at this:



There have been this and one other 12c clone I've seen before. Bought the other 12c clone (was a vertical model) from Frys several years ago.

Have this Victor too.

Don't really care for either.

But, I don't believe there is any connection to HP at all.


Is there a victor HP-15c version too?


As George Bernard Shaw once said: "I often quote myself; it ads spice to the conversation".

This is a link to a photo of the 12c clone that Gene was talking about. There is also a shot of the pcb there.

Gene; You are right; there is no connection.


Home page for the Victor V12



I guess this auction was put up on eBay for you! I just browsed your non-HP RPN calculator photos and missed it.

What happened?



Here is is. It was hiding among all those other cute RPNs. There is an internal of the PCB and a comparison to the hp12c photo on either side of it.

Why are you selling yours Joerg? You will need a financial calculator to keep track of all your money when you sell off those pesky TI algebraics. Have you fallen in love with the new RPN 20b?


THANKS for sharing the pctures of the V12.

Why I'm selling it?

To make room for more TI calculators;-))

Just hit the 3,000 number and there is more out in the woods.


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