Emu48 v1.49 / Emu48PCC 1.18 released


Hello I just released new versions of Emu48 at http://hp.giesselink.com/.

Why another release just 5 weeks since the last one. I recognized a nasty bug in all of my emulators, "Edit/Copy Stack" made a mistake copying real numbers in the range of 1E12 <= x < 1E15 to the clipboard. In the clipboard string the exponent was missing.

Another bug was in the Emu48PPC version. Since over a year the "Edit/Save Object..." hadn't worked. I'm wondering that nobody has reported this bug.

What's new:

  • Copy/Paste Stack of complex numbers
  • MRU is now sorted (last one on top)
  • Settings are now saved in the registry (Win32 version)

Especially the last item "Settings are now saved in the registry" made most problems. This was done because on some Windows installations the %WINDIR% is write protected, so writing to the Emu48.ini file wasn't possible. The problem is more or less on the user side. Many users have there special settings and get are getting lost when using the new version. To solve this problem I wrote a small program copying the settings data from %WINDIR%\Emu48.ini to the new location HKCU\Software\Emu48. The program is available at http://hp.giesselink.com/Emu48/E48INI2REG.ZIP.



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