HP-41C tall nut, full nut 2025Axxxxx close up pictures.


This arrived today, a NO BUGS (darn it) HP-41C Tall Nut, Half Nut. It had a totally bizarre display on the screen on power up. The display was:

0.0000 ' ' ' ' '

Executing a master clear gave this display:


Clearing the memory clear message resulted in the first display. The calculator performed all functions correctly, with interpretation involvings some of the displays. In fact, with FIX 9 set there was almost no numeric problem on the display as the correct digits masked the apostrophes correctly.

Switching to Alpha mode displayed the apostrophes and these rode on top of any alpha character.

I tried the master clear, shorting the contacts and reversing the battery (yuck). No joy so I replaced the LCD with a good one from a donor PCA with cracked contact domes and two missing battery posts. Success! What followed was a thorough spa, and back together it went.

I thought you might appreciate a close up of the tall keys versus a normal keys fullnut HP-41C from 1982. These pictures were taken at the same angles for each example. Enjoy.

Normal keys top view, note the easily read blue labels from a vertical view:

Tall keys top view, note the hard to read blue labels from a vertical view:

Normal keys side view, note the smooth face

Tall keys side view, note the framed raised portion similar to the classics.

Normal keys front view, again the smooth face.

Tall keys front view, the framed front piece, artistic touch.

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I purchased my HP-41C in 1980 and it was identical to the one that you show. I sold it in 1984 after buying the HP-41CX that I still have.

I've always regretted a little having sold that HP-41C, specifically because of this early key configuration.



Same here. I exchanged my HP-41C for an HP-41CX in 1984, however it is equipped with the normal keys like the 41C in that picture. I find those much easier to read

And yes, I still use it at least a couple of times per week...

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It is interesting to note that the Tall Keys version has the same key design of every Classic and Woodstock and Spice ever made.

No one complained about hard to read keys on those versions but the HP-41C Tall Keys is refered to as a hard to read key. Personally I like the look and the added artistic design.

The photo of the 1982 normal version is my first, purchased new, and over the next 2 years it was upgraded to quad memory, x-functions, x-memory, wand, card reader, printer, HPIL, plotter, floppy drive and statistics module. Finally it got stored as a spare and replaced by a 1984 CX which I still have and is my main work calculator.

Cheers, Geoff


I wouldn't say they were hard to read.

But I would say the somewhat more angled keys were easier to read then the tall one. And when I'm at my father's place and I grab his old 41C, I always find mine easier to look at... :-)

And yes, he still uses it. In fact he has been using it every workday since he bought it in 1982 !!!!!

I gave him the Advantage, Math and Time modules when I sold my 41C. They have been in there ever since!

It still ticking...Better then that Energizer bunny!!

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