ROM version C-2.15 for HP-50g: what is the benefit?


I have an HP-50g with the standard ROM v.92 (11 Aug 2006).
I read here on the forum that an upgrade is available: C-2.15.
What are the benefits?
What I mostly care is bug-fixes; I do not really need new features,
but I would like to have as bug-free a calculator as possible...
Many thanks!


Did you look at the nice changelog included in the installation instruction document? If not, download the zip file and that will probably answer you questions. In short, it includes all the bugfixes from 2.09 ->2.10, plus adding in the new streamsmart application and making space for future additions.



Hi Luca. The zipped ROM update file contains an Adobe Acrobate pdf file which briefly describes all the bug fixes and enhancements.



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