HP-41 question


Does anyone have the physical specifications for the daughterboard in a fullnut?

In particular, I'd like to find out the exact location and sizes for the two holes in the circuit board that hold it in place over the zebra-strip connectors.

By my measurement, looking fron the top of the board and starting
on the left side, I have 15.5mm to the edge of the first hole, a 4.5mm hole, 28mm to the edge of the second hole, another 4.5mm hole and then 14.5mm to the other edge of the board.

Obviously there's some play allowable... but I don't want to much play when mounting a board. And I _really_ don't want to end up with holes 0.1mm too small or 0.1mm too close together.



Even if HP was willing to turn loose of HP-41C mechanical drawings, I doubt that they could do it because the drawings most likely no longer exist. A huge amount of stuff was thrown away when responsibility for calculators moved from Corvallis to Singapore, and more thrown away when it moved from Singapore to Australia, and more when it moved from Australia to San Diego.

Measuring it is the only realistic option at this point.

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