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I recently succeeded in reviving my old HP 41CV which I had thought long dead. I've borrowed a card reader and reinstalled all my old programs. That is all the HP 41 hardware I have available (plus my old broken card reader).

Now I'd like to save these old programs to my PC before the 41 goes down again. What would be the simplest way to do this without buying lots of hardware? Is there anything like a direct cable connection with the PC running a driver to accomodate the HP 41 output? (This would be similar to what you can do with an HP 48 plus _its_ cable; I have one of those too but never got used to it, display is too dim for my taste.)


Michiel van der Klis


Michiel, I believe that the method that best fits your request for the "simplest way to do this without buying lots of hardware", is to list the program line by line on the HP-41 display, and type them into your computer. A bit easier would be to aquire one of the HP-41 printers, print out the program, and type it in from the listing. Otherwise, the simplest (technical) way is to aquire the HP-41 HP-IL interface, the HP-IL to PC interface card and software, an old 286 computer, and possibly the HP-41 Extended I/O module, and transfer the programs to disk on your computer. Not all of this is easy to come by since it has been out of production for at least 4 years.



Mmmmm I was afraid you might say that ... Thanks anyway!



I'm going to try transferring my HP41 programs to an HP48GX using the IR printer interface (I believe there's a program for the HP48 to capture this). Then I'm going to use the HP48 serial interface to get it to the PC.

Multiple steps, but at least the hardware required (IR interface) is, well, just one bit.


I just started working on a similar project. I have an HP-IL to RS-232 interface box, the HP-IL interface, and the HP extened I/O module.

The rub is the data is transfered (using the outp extended I/O module function) is in ascii formatted hex. (ie text opcodes) not the functions as displaied by calculator. So bottom line, you can Just save them. You'll need a reverse compiler to make the program readable.

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