Geoff Quickfall That is for you !


HP-67 Hewlett Packard Modified Flight Computer HP 67

Ebay Item number: 190326337904

Enjoy :-)


We saw one of these earlier last month or with in the past few months. It sure answers questions.

I would like to know where the controller is on Ebay that he is referring to!

Cheers and thanks Saile!



A agree with Geoff Quickfall.
The modification in the calculator will not be very much, you could easyly do it by yourself. The problem will just be the software. as long as this is not a complete set the price is muuuuuuuuch too high.




It sure answers questions.

Yes. At least we know for sure now, that it is no "flight computer", but a programming device for a specific multifunction display. I strongly doubt, that these displays are "readily available on Ebay" (or anywhere else), as the seller claims. And without the Bendix unit, the calculator is pretty much useless, isn't it? Even as a collectibe...

Happy landings,

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I must say it would certainly be interesting to have the complete unit for 1500 (not that it is in my budget). But the actual Bendix colour display, the interpreter for generating alpha characters on the HP-67 and the HP-67.

I remember seeing and bidding on an alpha generator for the HP-67. The seller did not know what it was intended for and did not have the instructions for accessing keys. From what I read on the current auction the sheet of paper posting indicates that a through Z can be accessed by a series of key pushes. The alpha code can be scanned onto a card and used as "alpha" prompts for data input.

Pretty slick, an alpha numeric HP-67, MY DREAM MACHINE!

I remember being at an air show in 1986. There was an aircraft with a large canard called the Canadian Quickie (no relation!).

Canadian Quickie

In the cockpit was an HP 41CX which sat in a cradle and was hardwired through a modified module to the digital Bendix dashboard (all LEDS). This allowed the HP to access the digital data from the aircraft sensors, OAT, IAS, TAS, Temp, Altitude and etc. It provided the pilot with an flight dynamic management system.

Cheers All, Geoff

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Pretty slick, an alpha numeric HP-67, MY DREAM MACHINE!

Like this one, perhaps? ;-)


Yep, love that one! Too bad it's an April fools joke....




Like this one, perhaps? ;-)

arrggghhhhh, my eyes, they hurt from the colours ;-)

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