16C Manual - different version?


A few years ago, I sold my 16C (dumb move but I wanted the money for another project).

The manual I had with that 16C had a different cover to the usual 16C manual and I have never ever seen the manual cover I had since.

The cover was a cream colour with grey filled rectangles of different shades, a large dark grey rectangle across the top, a smaller medium shade grey rectangle down the right hand side, a smaller still blue-grey rectangle partially along the bottom side and a very small horizontal red rectangle on the left edge.

If anyone is familiar with this manual type, does it signify a particular production run of the 16C? I don't know what the serial number was unfortunately.

Did I make the mistake of selling something that was quite rare or was this manual style typical for 16Cs from one of the factories or a certain time frame?

This has been a mystery I've often wondered about so I'd like to clear it up!

Thanks if anyone can shed any light on this...



The manuals with that design on the front are HP reprints- I think mostly at the end of production. Pictures to follow.


Did it look something like these?

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Thanks Allen - those are very similar but not exactly the same. So they are reprints then? Presumably done after the original manual print had run out? I remember the text being almost as if it had come off a line-printer and in a very plain format. Actually, it gave the manual a really nice low-level techy style, minimal diagrams or clip-art, just paragraphs of pure text. Yummy! :)

At least I didn't sell something unusual or "rare".

It was 2005 when I sold it and I got 150GBP for it which wasn't bad and the funds enabled me to buy a D-SLR but in hindsight, I regret it badly. Live and learn...


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