HP calcs Serial Numbers



I had the idea of maintaining a database os S/N. It came up when I realized that I had 3 calculators with the same earliest S/N known by the museum site.

The database will be dynamic after treatment of enough datas.

I want to keep information about the owners private if desired.

The results will be shown on this forum and on my site and will be available as an Exxcel worksheet; but if David wants to include them on this site, just be welcome to do so, Dave !

Maybe this database could also be used to track stolen calcs or to improve reputation when sold in auction sites or here...

Please check http://hpcalc.multimania.com/hp_serial_number_database_page.htm for all details, and do not hesitate to contribute ! Many thanks in advance !


Hello Thibaut,

I would like to contribute to your project, but i cannot copy the table on your site, and the excel sheet that i have downloaded is not the table for the s/n project.

can you fix these problems or tell me what i'm doing wrong?



Bug on link fixed. Thanks for reporting it !


How about adding some more info for each calculator like:

1) Country

2) If it works or not

3) If it is original or has been repaired (or opened) in any way (other than external cleaning for instance)

The above would help in understanding the distribution and originality. If you add a 'condition' field this would probably be open to abuse / confusion.



... but the more detailed a databas eis, the more maintenance it needs and certainly arbitration for parameters such as "Opened ?", "Condition ?", ... and so on...

Up to now I've limited the scope to ancienity of calculators, but there's no objection to enhance it.

So I'm waiting for your excel files !



There is no HP40G on your list...which I like very much


OK, I will add it, but the main idea is to concentrate on the pre 1986 calcs.

Anyway thanks for your remark !



BTW you forgot about HP 6S too..... ;-)))))))))))


Dear Thibaut,

I hope you will use the information you collect in the following way.

For every model: list every reported date/origin number; for every date/origin number: list the highest production number.

Add together all the highest production numbers - what do you then have? ... The hitherto unknown (to the public) aggregate production figures for each model!

Regards from Copenhagen,
Bo Kristoffersen


I know of some companies who deliberately put out non-continuous numbers to stop the competition knowing the production / sales figures. This was to hide poor or good sellers so the competing firms could not attack profitable or weak markets.

I'd doubt if HP started each run from 0, but I admit I'm only guessing - I'd also like to know rough production numbers if only to judge how rare some calcs really are.

If HP did start from 0 each 'week' then there should be a random spread of numbers up to several thousand for each production period. If there is not a random spread then one can only suspect the start number was higher or that the numbers were not continuous - given enough data one could calculate the spread of numbers and hence the number of calculators made in each 'week' period - so it is possible but just a bit more difficult than adding the highest numbers up! Anyone with a suitable HP65/67/41/28/48 program to work it out???

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