Question on MLDL2k Bankswitching


I'm having trouble getting the Advantage rom configured on my MLDL2k. I'm not sure if there's any known issues , not that I'm aware of for a simple 2-bank situation (I know of the bank2 vs. vs bank3 blues but that should not be the case).

I tried many user register combinations, both on SRAM and FLASH, but to no avail. When calling any of the bank-switched functions the calc goes to see the wizard (aka freezes off, no display, no response).

Ironically the HEPAX module seems to work quite well (using the tricks published in Howard Owen's article). I have not upgraded to the latest firmware revision, but somehow I don't think that's the problem, given that the Hepax emulation works.

Any ideas would be appreciated, hope I don;t have a defective unit.



Well it appears that I'll have to upgrade the firmware - but can't do it using the update tool because my unit has revision 1.0 and the tool requires 1.5 or later...

Meindert, you around or (likely) on vacation? No rush.. :)


Hi Angel,

I was travelling this week, therefore the late answer. The firmware upgrade is recommended, but not really needed. If HEPAX works, then Advantage should also work. Keep in mind that a Bankswitch will switch the banks of both the odd and the even page, so the optimum configuration for Advantage that shoudl always work is:

Page $8			Page $9
Bank 1: AdvL1-1B.rom Bank 1: AdvU1-1B.rom
Bank 2: AdvL1-1B.rom Bank 2: AdvU2-1B.rom
Bank 3: AdvL1-1B.rom Bank 3: AdvU2-1B.rom
Bank 4: AdvL1-1B.rom Bank 4: AdvU2-1B.rom
In your firmware version banks 2 and 3 are probably interchanged, but that is not relevant here (it does matter for HEPAX!)

If you want to update firmware, just download the latest M2kM and firmware file, this should normally work. If it does not, send me an email and we can setup a remote session so I can assist you there.



Hi Meindert, many thanks for responding so quickly. Indeed it was a "user misunderstanding", I wasn't aware that I had to FILL the four pages up with rom images - I was only using the first bank within page1, I guess that was my issue.

So just a RTFM problem, shame on me :)

Thanks again, now it's time to do some math crunching on the MLDL with my SandMath - which of course uses the Advantage...

All the best,

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