HP 12C/15C emulators for iPhone by HP



I just noticed that there's a couple of HP calculator emulators available as iPhone apps.

Some are made by HP itself, some by others.

Here's a link to the HP page with links to the apps:
HP emulators (by HP)



$36AU? HP must be joking. Unless the hardware is included in the price.


Ahem, that's 36 Australian dollars...or about 20 Euros, so where's the problem?




For one, 42S for iPhone is AU$6 and offers heaps more in every aspect not only as a calculator but as features added to the original



I think the proprietary HP apps are pricey, given that the Tom Fors versions are somewhat cheaper and seem fine to me. I have SCI15C, though I must confess I use it little.

Some have suggested that by spending the extra and supporting the HP app we may encourage HP to release the 15C anew by showing interest. I must admit that I don't know if I buy into that logic.

And, yes, Reth, the 42s simulator, particularly in its most recent release, is so much more pleasurable to use, and cheaper too. The program I/O is the deal breaker for me. i41cx+ is a bit more expensive, but just keeps getting better, and is a must have for the aficionado. But for daily use, 42s is my fave.



IMO 42s is on its way to its second life, with the 4 line display (+ 4 line AVIEW is on Thomas' to-do list) and dynamic overlay keys plus practically unlimited memory and great speed and already excellent IO cappabilities, it's my favorite too. What's more - it's a living thing and I believe future improvements will follow.

I take the opportunity to recommend it to all iPhone/iPod Touch owners among HPCalc fans who still don't have it.


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