I use an 11c daily and the batteries last forever [ well at least it seems that way ]. Is that true for the newer 12c?


Howard, I can't tell if it will be forever, I only received my ARM-based unit a couple of months ago, but so far so good. I use it every day, mostly running programs on it, and the batteries are fine so far.


I use an 11c daily and the batteries last forever [ well at least it seems that way ]. Is that true for the newer 12c?

No, absolutely not. See HERE and HERE

The 20B with the same basic architecture is rated for a battery life of around 9 months, Cyrille has implied the new 12C should be a bit better than this this. That's the general figure HP quote.

But it could be as low as a few months if you really used it hard.

Technically speaking, if you had a program loop running continuously (Katie gives an example of a "long amortization function"), the batteries would be dead within 20 hours. And that's being generous, that figure does not include various losses.



To take this a step further....

Even if you never turned on the new 12c(12c+) the batteries would run out in around 12 years based on 220maH capacity is each CR2032 cell. The original 12c with original silver oxide batteries could last a lot longer than that. If you had the 12c+ on but weren't entering numbers or running any functions the batteries would last just about one year. Of course it does have an auto power off function so that this won't happen.


Pretty much my experience with the HP-33s and HP-35s. The original batteries in my HP-15c lasted over 20 years!


I agree on the 33s (CNA 815xxxxx) which I bought a couple months ago new in box. Batteries had already expired before I turned the calc on.

I imagine the 35s which I bought ealier this year will experience the same.




Conceptually, this is what you guys want. I'd buy one!

the idea would be better than solar since it would be more capable of retaining a program than a solar model. or maybe it would be to power the LEDs, so that it works in the dark??



Hi Hugh. I actually prefer



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