Proofreader for XIO Manual


I have just finished my latest mad project which is to produce a readable version of the manual for the HP82183A Extended I/O Module. Unlike the original manual, the new one is typeset with a format that closely resembles other typeset HP-IL manuals.

All the material has been copied (manually or OCRed) from the original 82183A manual. I tried to limit my editorial involvement to correcting obvious mistakes.

The manual is now complete (available in PDF) and will be submitted to the MoHPC archives soon,

BUT, before releasing it, I'd like to make sure that it is correct, so I am looking for a proof reader. I will reward this brave individual with a printed (color) version of the corrected manual.

The manual is not particularly long (71 pages including the barcodes which I have tested), I expect that the proof reading can be done over a weekend.

So, please, if you volunteer, I will expect the corrections to be back within 1 week so that I can finish the production, send it to Dave and start work on the manual for the HP-IL Development Module.



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