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I am not a fan of external keyboards. I prefer using my notebook keyboard only. But this new keyboard has some very nice possibilities: http://www.engadget.com/tag/eee%20keyboard. E.g. calculator emulators that can have X sent to the PC application.

I've asked for this feature in i41CX and I'll also ask that Free42 for the iPhone also have this feature. There are keypad applications for the iPhone already. If the two ideas could be merged, then my iPhone could be my smart calc extension to my keyboard.


Holy smoke! That could be awesome!

I would want to have it as a normal keyboard with the built-in display operating as a mini-screen for dedicated applications - such as an HP EMU of course. Being a touch-screen, it would be ideal for this.

For my studio work, this would also have huge potential for providing a mini-keyboard dedicated to the current area of the main application being worked on. I don't know if any of you know about the hardware X-Keys unit, but imagine an extended keyboard in touch-screen form. It could also be used to control plugins and transport.

I do hope ASUS don't limit this keyboard to a "PC in a keyboard" and offer its undoubted benefits for use with a normal full PC by removing the internal computer. Let's hope so...


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