Math module d´ont works


Hi all
I did buy an math module hp 00041 - 14023 but it seems d´ont work. Some times, my 41c LCD blinks and shows a very weird behaviour, and keep so until to stop completely. When i pres the program key i see 00 REG 05 ?! Other times it d´ont turn on at all, and i was forced to remove the batteries a couple of times.
Are there anything i doing wrong? I have tried the ports 2,3, and 4, and the only memory module is in port 1.
Thanks for any help, and sorry my poor English


Boa tarde, Marcelo!

First thing I recommend: Press <gold> <CATALOG> 2 and check if you get the functions of your MATH module displayed.

Boa sorte!

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Did you try other modules?


Did you try other modules?

Yes, I have a quad memory installed in port 1, and I did test successfully in the other three ports.

I have a card reader that works fine too.


First thing I recommend: Press <gold> <CATALOG> 2 and check if you get the functions of your MATH module displayed.

Thanks by your answer,

but I can´t do nothing when i try turn on the calculator.

The keyboard does not respond at all, or respond badly for any key I press. I think the better is throw away that module before I finish to kill my calculator :)



Marcelo email please ?


Hey! If you bought it on eBay you ought to get your seller to pony back some money!

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