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Hi HP world,
Can someone please tell me what versions of the 71B are out there? I know of 1BBBB, 2CCCC & 2CDCC. Also what are the differences (memory, speed, features, etc)?
Many thanks, Keith


Keith, Go to google.com and search on "71b versions".


Even faster: Search Here (Sorry, 'could not resist!).


Thanks guys - glad that's sorted. I just got "SYNTAX ERROR" when I typed "Google 71B versions" in the 71B! Haha. Keith


That's no problem. Just connect your HP-IL WLAN bridge and download Firefox onto your HP-71. You'll probably need a video interface for easier viewing of the results.



Actually if they can do it with a 300 buad modem (with youtube posting) it should be possible with an acoustic coupler and a video display using a 71b.


There were 300bps and 1200bps HPIL modems from Firmware Specialists, Inc. (FSI). I pulled out one of my old Educalc catalogs (1987) to get the dope on it:

<quote> Modem 1200 Brand New, and Fast! Print-through software included Free!

Automate your telecommunications, gather remote data! Direct-connect, 300/1200 baud, AC/DC rechargable [sic] auto-dial/auto-answer-- all with integral HP-IL interface and Hayes command set.

Tone or pulse, full or half duplex mode, baud rate, 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, odd or even or no parity (program-selectable). Senses speed at which incoming data is being received and adjusts itself accordingly.

Stock #IL-796 [Modem 1200] List $349.........$299.95 <end quote>

Of course since you could also get HPIL-to-RS232 interface converters (HP82164A or FSI164A), you could connect one of those to a more-modern, faster dial-up modem too. I've even seen Commodore 64's being used as web servers, so it's not out of the question.

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Those were the only three versions released to production. The differences are bug fixes, although 2CCCC introduced a nasty bug that resulted in the minor update to 2CDCC.


The best web site I found that explained it all was this: http://www.jeffcalc.hp41.eu/emu71/bug71.html

I was hoping that there were features that made the differences between the version akin to the 41C/CV/CX series, but it's all about bugs, bugs and bugs. AND there isn't even a version with a red dot ... It hasn't stopped me from getting 1BBBB, 2CCCC & 2CDCC though.

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