Any other non-HP published "How To" books out there?


Does anyone know of other books written over the years like this one for the older generations of HP calculators? Thanks


Quite a few "Easy Course in using..." books were written.


Available on the DVD sold on this site are all these. There are more that either no one has scanned yet or Dave can't get the copyright holder's permission to put them on the DVD.

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There are some great programming examples in the D'zign books for the 41 & 42 that Katie mentioned, and some good basic trig & geometry routines too. The Museum discs are the best deal going. Also: Katie's site has an RPN program library listed under the Sinclair programmable and a whole book with an overview of RPN listed with the Corvus 500.


Are you the author?

Same first name as the author after all....

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