HP-35s simulator: Alternate skins?


I was surprised HP made the Voyager simulators realistic yet slapped a gimmicky skin on the HP-35s. They already have great images to work with - like the image they used on the back of the HP-35s packaging.

Anyway, before I pay $30 for this simulator, I had a few questions for those that already have:

1) Does the HP-35s simulator support alternate skins?

2) If so, is the skinning self-contained in the executable or can we create and apply our own skins?

3) Are there any noteworthy features in the Windows menu bar (i.e. the File, Edit, View, Tool, Help menus)?

4) Is there a 'Check for Updates' menu option or something similar? Just curious if there's any hint we're to anticipate updates or not.



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