20b - ABS?


Thanks to Dave Shaffer, I'm now an owner of the new 20b :-).

After some successful surgery (gluing the bottom of the LCD to the faceplate to make the top row keys not sticking anymore), I was ready to explore it. Besides the excellent display, finding the ABS function in the math menu came very much as a surprise. Has a macro functionality, as indicated by some erroneous entries in the manual, originally been considered for the 20b? What else could be the reason to have the ABS function available?

Does anyone know if a new firmware is planned to support macros?



Does anyone know if a new firmware is planned to support macros?

I've been working (on and off) on new firmware for the 20b, the 34s. Been more off than on for the recent past but I'm still making slow progress.

Highlights include 500 programming steps, 100 registers, comprehensive suite of scientific functions, better binary suite than the 16c.

Slightly dated source code available from the 20b repurposing wiki. Current version available on request.

- Pauli

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