OT: Value of a desire II


If a watch can cost this value because a hp cannot cost 600 or more?

Link "Value of a desire"

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$100 Shipping?

Either the case, the watch, or both must weigh a ton!

Or a typo?


$100 Shipping?

Either the case, the watch, or both must weigh a ton!

Or a typo?

No, that's normal. It's using UPS courier, probably their top service with insurance for "valuables". That would be expected on a product like this.

Would you want your $30K watch shipped by USPS parcel post?



I know there are watches that cost lots of money, such as Rolex. But the sticker shock still hit me when I saw it, nonetheless.

You are right about the shipping insurance.

I just can't imagine paying $30K for a watch. Even I ever won a lottery.

But that's just me. :)


One feels incredulity when one encounters the excesses of another's collecting passion.

Not that I ever did, but I will never feel guilty for paying $200.00 for a 30 year old calculator again.



Having just bought a (used) 15C for $158 off ebay and received it a few days ago, I totally agree with you, Howard. I can see why everyone wants the 15C to be reintroduced back in the calcualtor, and just a iPhone app.


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