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I have just found that Aristo (the famous German slide rule manufacturer) made large functional class room demo models of some of their calculators. Now I'm wondering if HP or any other calc brands did the same(?) Thank you.


Somewhere I have seen a picture of a giant HP-34C taken in Australia.


I remember some large clear display oriented ones that educalc carried years ago for use on an overhead projector I think, but no longer remember if they were ti or hp emulators.


That's the HP-F1212A Overhead Display Unit for the HP 38g, 39g, 48g and 49g series calculator's. It is still available at the HP site see ""


I have seen many (20 ?) years ago in Turin, Italy at a office automation exhibition a working, giant (as tall as an adult man) HP33E. And I was even able to play with it !!!

Best regards to everybody.



There existed at least a large 'demo' or teaching unit of the 32E or 33E.
I've seen it and played with it about 20 years ago.
It was funny to shift the huge 'ON/OFF' lever and press the very large keys with the whole hand:-)



I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned the HP-33E photo that is in the museum. (As I don't know how to make
those cute hyperlinks, go to the HP-33E page and
click on the photo of 'giant HP-33E')!
Note: The museum does NOT have the giant HP-33E, just the photo.


HP New Zealand had a normal size HP65 or 67 (sorry, can not remember which) that had a semi transparent back so you could see the workings of the machine.

This was a sales demo machine.

The back was made out of the same plastic shell as the production machines, but with no dye in the plastic.

It was hard to see inside because of the label and the battery pack. Also, the plastic had a light stippled effect on it, again making it hard to see inside.

I asked if they would supply the demo machine with the clear back, no, it was not for sale.


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