HP-75C pod diagnostic


Another question, there is a module plug in the center module block of the calculator (the 2 other are empty), its name is "pod diagnostic". Are every HP-75C comming bundle with this module. What is the purpose of that module?

Thanks again!



I tried a lot of key sequence but nothing : is it possible to ajust the LCD contrast on this machine?

Thanks again!


I thought it was possible to adjust the contrast but I have searched the owner's manual and can't find it.


The "pod" probably refers to the 82718A Expansion Pod, an accessory for the 75 which adds a RAM-disk and an intelligent 300 baud modem and some bar code drivers. You install the 75 in the pod semi-permanently (many screws to take it back out). Electrically, the pod plugs into the right ROM port (I think it is this one only because of the mechanical design). What you have is probably a service diagnostic for the pod.

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