HP-75 "off" key...


Don't laught to me but can someone tell me how to turn my calculator off??? I receive it today and i suspect that the "on" is the atn key but i cannot find the off key... For now, i just wait for the calculator to tur itsel off due to inactivity...

Another question, what is the purpose of the third battery contact in the batt compartment? the 2 others ar for the hp-35 pack but the third...

Where can i find online documentation about the HP-75C?


P.S. I collect calculators since 3 years and it's my first HP... all my other one are TI; perhaps that's why my questions looks a bit ...humm... easy for you!



push shift and hold it while pushing attn, then let them go in any order. that turns it off.


Wow, shame on me... I tried shift key and attn but not holding the shift key. Is that shift key always needs to be keep pushing for the other "shift key fonctions" of that calculator?

Is that other HP calculator that ou need to keep the shift key to get a shift foncton "result"?

Thanks a lot, IT WORKS! i can turn it off... my first HP lesson... what's next? ;-)



I've been searching my many accumulations of post-its for the command that gives a little surprise on the 75 - too little to give it away before somebody has a chance to post the command. It's a little suprise tucked in some extra space in the ROMS by the developers.


You can also enter the command "OFF" interactively or use it during a program.

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