HP 50G LCD problem


I bought a used 50G, and was testing and did a soft reset, only to find the previous owner had installed a password application(SDP 2.2, good program). Instead of calling him, I tried to reset it multiple times, and at last left it without batteries overnight. Since it didn't work, I just called the seller like I should have from the beginning, and the password worked, but now I have a row of "dead" pixels in the middle of the soft menu. I don't think they're really dead, since making a vertical line in the graph window makes the pixels show, but nothing else makes them work. Could I fix it changing the lcd, or is the cause something else? Thank you.


I had the same problem with my 50G about 2 years ago. Received a 2nd hand unit with clean memory. It was fine for a few months, then lost a horizontal line of pixels through the soft menu, soon after a second line did the same. I contacted HP support and they said to try leaving it without batteries for a few days. It didn't work. They offered to replace it but I chose to open it. The flexi tracks seemed to be "glued" to the PCB on which the screen is mounted. I could see no physical reason for the problem. In the meantime more lines have stopped working (everything else is fine). I also recently upgraded the ROM, but it didn't help. If you can get it replaced by HP, I suggest you do.

Any suggestions for repair are welcome.



Well, the technical support guy says it's a "common" problem and that "probably" it won't get worse, and offered to get a new LCD for a huge fee, but since the pixels show up under some circumstances I'm not even sure it's the LCD, so I'm leaving it like it is for the moment, but will probably open it if it worsens. Is there any place to buy the LCD part online, by the way?

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