Which came first? 19B or 27S?


I can't find out the exact release dates of these machines. Their first appearance in an HP Catalog is in 1989 yet they were both available in 1988.

I have two downloaded brochures, one dated September 1988 which features the 19B and one dated November 1988 which features the 27S but these brochures are based on financial/scientific criteria and I wouldn't infer any release dates from them.

The lowest known serial numbers for the machines show a lead by a few weeks for the 27S (2747 vs 2801) but date of manufacture doesn't necessarily indicate availability in the shops or official release dates.

So is the official release date for each machine available anywhere please? I've gone through all the on-line sources I can find but without any luck.




Hi Mark. According to Craig Finseth's HP database they were released on the same date in 1988:





Great, thanks John :) Useful site that too!


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