HP-41CX Frozen Up


I have a frozen HP-41CX. Does anyone have any ideas? I have tried the MEMORY LOST reset and no go. Please let me know if you know any other tricks.


Try shorting the battery terminals for a while, the outter two that is. Just connect them together for a while, i.e. minutes, if not hours and try again.

This assumes the calc was working at some stage recently ?



An anecdote describing a minor misadventure of a few years ago...

HP-41CX back to life using X-Function "PCLPS"

-- KS


Well, Shorting the terminals did not work either. It was working just the other night when I started having problems with my MLDL2000. I was trying to program the HEPAX and all of a sudden it stopped working.


Got it! I remembered once that someone told me to reverse the battery polarity and press and hold the on button for ten seconds. The old babe sparked back to life with "MEMORY LOST"

Thanks for all the comments.

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