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I am quite familiar with the construction and repair of Spice type 1 series calculators (HP3xE/C) with the un-soldered press-fit design, having fully disassembled/reassembled 8 different units. Most of the "repairs" have consisted of swapping interchangeable parts from different units. One of the most common problems is broken/damaged battery contacts and/or charger circuit board traces. Another less common problem is a damaged ribbon connector between the contacts board and the power circuitry board. On the Spice Type 1 series, the battery/charger contact assembly terminates at a ribbon connector extension to the power circuitry board, which is press-fit to the main circuit board. Therefore, it is possible to swap a bad assembly with a good one sourced from a different calculator.

My question is whether this is possible with the later type 2 series, or is the battery/charger assembly integral with the main circuit board?

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