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I have to make a Matrix Table in the Matrix Editor to use it with a ANOVA Programm (Statistic). My problem is now that i have Tables with different Lenghts.


1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 8 7

2 3

If i use this matrix, HP 50g fills in all the empty data points with a 0 (Zero). This makes a wrong result. Can you help me?



Sounds like you need to use Excel and the Data Analysis pack.



Okay and where can i find this?



Try Google.

Search for "Excel data analysis pack"

and you get lots of hits. Here is the first one:


"The Data Analysis pack is a powerful set of tools used to figure out the variance, correlation and covariance of data as well as other features. Although the Data Analysis pack is a standard feature that comes with Excel, it may not be loaded into Excel. It is usually found under the Tools menu."

To buy Excel, there are lots of options. Amazon, a local store, etc.


Arrays are required to have rectangular dimensions. You'll get syntax errors if you try to input ragged dimensions from the command line as well.

Flag -91, when set, will cause the Matrix Writer to output a list containing each row as a list. You're still mostly limited to rectangular dimensions, however blank cells will be returned as NOVAL, and you can write programs to ignore/remove these null values.

Not sure if that helps you any with the ANOVA program, but maybe there's a partial solution in there somewhere.

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