iPhone 3.0 OS update does not seem to break 42s or i41cx+


Just did the upgrade today on my first gen iPod touch, and so far alle ist gut.

Very interested to hear of bug reports from more discriminating users.



I use i41cx+ with no prob on 3.0


Antonio Lagana has advised me directly that that the i41cx+ clock will not sync properly with the system clock. This is due to a fresh bug in the 3.0 OS. Antonio has submitted a workaround to the App Store and the issue should be fixed in i41cx+ v. 2.3



I updated my 2nd generation iPod touch today, and 42S works just fine -- better than under 2.*, in fact; the R/S problem seems to have gone away, and it also seems to be faster than before.

But, Les, your German leaves something to be desired. I'd recommend "alles ist in Ordnung" or "alles ist in Butter". :-)


Same result here, it does feel marginally faster. Sci-15c also still works like a charm.


SCI-15C is the most expensive calculator app I purchased, and I agree it works well.

But, doggone it, I run the risk of offending voyageur fanatics by admitting I just don't use it. The lack of program I/O, both in the emulator and in the actual calc (I have a near mint one that I am afraid to look at funny) is a big limitation.

The Crimson Research free suite of nonpareil based Voyageurs has never reappeared.



20 bucks for the 15C, and with the price of other comparable iPhone calcs, I'm beginning to doubt the price of the 42s at $5.


Hard to say. It's entirely possible that the 15C would make more money at a lower price, since the demand curve is nonlinear.


Antonio Lagana doubled the price of i41cx+ and it still has a devout following.

42s is modestly priced indeed. I would've paid more quite cheerfully.


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