HP-41: Release: ICEBOX.ROM version 1E: News for NoV Users :-)


From the UC-41 page:

"In version 1E, swtching between HEPAX RAM blocks in the NoV-32 or the NoV-64 became really easy. I added the functions N100, N101, N102 and N103 to switch directly to the desired ram block. "

The updated 10 page user manual will give you the insides.

WROM is still there for generic write-to-hepax-ram. But now you don't need any FOCAL program to code/decode address/word for switching ram pages on the NoV-32 and NoV-64. You can very easily switch the ram blocks - even inside a program.

Someone wants to write a 64K chess program for the HP-41?

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Added info:

With the functions N100, N101, N102 and N103 assigned to different keys, it is now lightning fast to switch between the various HEPAX RAM blocks.



Believe it or not I don't own any NoVRAM-32/64 to try these new functions on, but sure it sounds like a much-needed enhancement.
I'll try with the MLDL2K, should also work, right?

I'll eventually complete the blank entries in your ICEBOX documentation, but time is at a real premium right now so don't hold your breath :-)


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Please be aware that the MLDL2000 does support HEPAX in a very special configuration, because the native HEPAX commands for switching and moving the banks are not supported. I do not know how ICEBOX does the switching, so be careful, it might not work the same as NoVRAM, and let us know your results,



No worries Meindert, I´m aware of the idiosyncrasies of the ML2k - what a fine piece of artwork you produced my friend, I´m enjoying mine now after I finally got the knack of it.

If I only had the time I might even look into adapting Geir´s method to the ML2k, but it´ll have to wait for greener pastures...


Edited: 23 June 2009, 2:15 a.m.


Bravo Geir!!!

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