Brand new HP-35 for sale on eBay $1489


If any ha a load of money, they can get a brand new HP 35 for $1489.


Personally, I don't think they are worth it, since they are both extremely common models. The HP-35 is a version 3, which is the most common HP-35. I own some complete HP calc sets, which are in "like new" condition, and paid far less.

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Are you sure it is the type 3? As far as I can see on the picture the front label is only Hewlett Packard which would make it a mark 2 to me.




Anyway type 2 is seen often, too. IMO, you can get very nice specimens for far less than offered here.

Ceterum censeo: HP, launch a 43S.



Hard to see, but I think you are correct. The S/N 1230Axxxxx would make it a late production type 2, which would not have any of the ROM bugs. Although not as common as the type 3, the later non-bug type 2 is still relatively common as compared to the type 4 or early type 2 S/N 1143Axxxx with the ROM bug. I'll admit that I have seen several "mint" type 3s, but never a mint type 2. Of course, you can't even compare it to a type 1 RED DOT.


Personally I think those prices are totally mad but what worries me is someone could be crazy enough to buy them - and then probably never take them out of the boxes so they never get used! Gloves included :)

Can't blame the seller for trying I suppose.

Out of interest, if one had the money spare for buying a single HP and not including the HP01, which machine would justify that sort of expense? Difficult to rationalise under any circumstances.



For me, the only model that might justify such a price would be an HP35 type 1 RED DOT, assuming it was absolutely new and complete. Also, it would assume the owner had the good sense to remove the battery pack before storage. I paid the original owner of a complete RED DOT $700, and it included all the original accessories, the shipping box, invoice with his name, address and calculator S/N, unopened paperwork, and HP apology letter for the ROM bugs. The calculator is in excellent condition with only minor silver trim wear and display scratches. One key has lost some of its click probably due to a cracked snap dome. So, a perfect RED DOT, assuming such an animal exists, might be worth twice as much.


these are worth as much as someone is ready to pay for them; they are collectors items these days and the market will determine their price.



disclaimer: i'm not selling this. i'm not buying this. i'm not not planing on selling one or buying another. however; i was curious so i looked up the price here and found that a 35 without the extras this one has, adjusted for inflation, may be worth about 2000 gollies.

i'll be playing golf with a former boss next tuesday, the man who gave me my 35 when he retired. now that i know what these things are going for; i might just "let" John win.


Both already gone!
One deserves a nastygram (this should trigger something to some of us...)


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