Original boxes


I have a lot of original boxes of HP's, but I don't know if the HP97S has a different box from the 97A. Same problem with the HP25C and HP25A, do they have the same box?

Who has boxes to sale... I'm still interested..



Have you ever seen this box: Ebay item # 1333481226? It is labeled "HP-41 System II". It contains an HP41CV, a card reader, a peripheral printer, AC adapter, printer paper and all the books in a large box. I never saw that before.


25C has a different box than the 25A if I recall correctly, they wanted to market the "C" version.


I have both boxed HP25 and 25C units. The HP25 box is red on black. The 25C box is green on black (and says HP25C).


Let me guess. You don't want to sell your 25C-box?
Does someone wants to?

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