Celestial Observations: A Brief History of Elgin, Knowles & Senne and their Ephemerides


Article in todays "American Surveyor Magazine"
It has a brief reference to HP-41 and their ASTRO ROM.





Does any have the book 2008 Sokkia Celestial Observation Handbook and Ephemeris mentioned in the article?

I tried to download it using the link provided on their web site, but the URL (http://www.rollanet.org/~eksi/2008%20Ephem.pdf) is bad, as is their contact URL.


The '%20' in the URL resolves to a space, which just doesn't work IIRC.

I found my way here:


but the link to the PDF is encoded the same way there. There is a "contacts" link on that page.


Oh, and the 'contacts' link on the page I posted ... it works if you alter the initial 'C' in 'Contact.htm' to a lower case 'c':


Sloppy HTMLing, to be sure.

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