HP-34C Spice series keypad


In the process of repairing a soldered version of the HP-34C, I noticed that the keypad has a rubber cushioning material located between the keys and the key snap domes. In this particular calculator, the material has completely deteriorated. I searched the HP Museum archives for references to Spice series keypads, and discovered a few prior discussions of this topic. However, there didn't seem to be a conclusion about which material to use as a replacement. The rubber membrane is approximately 0.025" thick and is tan in color. I searched MSC Direct and Smallparts.com for substitute materials, and turned up a few options for 1/32" thick elastomeric sheets with various Durometer values, etc. Before I place an order for a random replacement, I am curious if there are any suggestions regarding what materials has been previously tried/used?


I will be interested in the outcome here Robert. Keep us posted.

It seems to be a firm type of foam and I guess I have been lucky so far with my 6 spices.

I just posted the restoration which I did this morning coincidentally!

Cheers, Geoff

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