Found a use for a dead 10-B (doing happy dance)


One of the few dead HP calculators I own is a 10-B; I've ignored it. Today, though, I found an HP-42s at the local thrift shop, missing the case and battery compartment cover, it was priced at $us1.99. The battery cover and case from the dead 10-B fit perfectly; is there some difference (transparancy) that I should be concerned about?


Wow, what a find! All the pioneer battery covers are the same and are transparent to IR, you should be all set.


Thanks. Trying several got one that was a good fit. (The first one I tried kept hopping up about a sixteenth of an inch.) Passes all tests, just needed new batteries.


About three years ago I overpaid exorbitantly (about $400USD including shipping) for a well worn 42S with box and manual just for the sake of having it, and I don't even use it (various Free42 simulators on Palm, Windows, Linux, and now iPhone have replaced it). So I think you got a really good deal.


Gulp! That's ... a lot of money to pay for a calculator that you're not going to use. I use Free42 on a bunch of things and recommend it to those who use RPN. I discovered the problem with the cover fit was that one of the battery springs was protruding; pushing it down with my thumb, all of the covers now fit and stay down.

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