HP34C Black Scholes Model


Hi there

I am looking for Option pricing Models for my HP34C (might as well use it in the field!) - is the HP12C instruction set compatible - as the 12C has financial models plentiful. If only a few instructions are different I'd just convert... if not.. I might have to convert whole programs...

Many thanks!



That's a whole lot of work to use a hard to replace 34c for something a $30 HP 12c can do all day long.

Why not just pick up a used 12c, put in the already written black-scholes option pricing program into it, and use that in the field?

That program is in the 12c platinum solutions book, available in PDF form on HP's website (assuming the links work - you never know with HP's website these days).

Why do this on a 34c? Why risk a 34c out and about in the field?


Hi Gene

I take care of the 34C even in the field :) Still has its original soft pouch!

You do have a point though - and perhaps I will pick up a 12C (or 41 series) and keep the 34C at home for computation!

Many thanks

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