Did everyone miss this? Wolfram Alpha now LIVE.


A new kind of search engine...





I've been playing with it:

integrated functions
plot 2D and 3D fucntions
solved 2nd order differential equations
found laplace and inverse laplace transforms
create a star chart
found the atomic structure for caffeine
compared stocks....

and all on my ipod touch!!!! That's power, baby. And never ending fun!


It does lots of mathematics to be sure and knows a good bit about physical proprieties of natural and artificial things but it doens't know anything about HP calculators not even stuff it should know about like CORDIC algorithms -- I'm very disappointed.



Please excuse my ignorance but what is a CORDIC algorythm ?



They're very elegant and efficient algorithms for calculating transcendental functions (trigonometric functions and others). These algorithms made it possible for the HP-35 to have a full set of trigonometric and logarithmic functions despite its small amount of memory. See CORDIC in Wikipedia for more information.


It is really smart i.e., it knows the answer to the following questions:

1) The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

2) How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?


And of course, it knows the answer to more serious questions...



...and if you've ever wondered how much wood a woodchuck can chuck....

of course I know this one already. :)



It does not know what to do with John 3:16. .. That's a number. hmm.


It does not know what to do with John 3:16. .. That's a number. hmm.

It should return this.

Hi Pal G:

    Really, really nice, thanks a lot for letting us know, much appreciated ! :-)

    Its mathematical capabilities are really astounding. I've tried a number of examples I've concocted myself that some of you might want to try in order to see the nice results, just copy-paste each line in its turn and don't forget to use the "More digits" option:

      1) solve LOG(PI^e+1491/505*LOG(x)^4)-PI=0

        A nice symbolic representation and 4 roots, the real ones being:

          X = 0.500000000051903

          X = 1.99999999979239

      2) solve (2002/X)^7+(2002/X)-71=0

        Six complex roots and the real one:

          X = 1093.00000007366+

      3) solve GAMMA(X)-85/31=0

        5 real roots displayed and among them

          X = 0.3259999953+

      4) solve X^5+X+6=0

        5 roots (4 complex, one real), all of them returned in both numeric and fully symbolic form

Best regards from V.


Awsome site! I tried several examples for solving equations. Got the results I was looking for. You sometimes have to put the equation in a certain form to get the solution. for example:

solve log(X^4)-X=0

Does not give numerical roots, while:

solve 4*log(X)-X=0

Does give the two roots.



It's funny....I typed in "googol" and it returned 10^100 in decimal, binary and prime factors, etc.

Then I typed in "google" and it returned the current value of Google stock and all sorts of info on the company :-)

Pretty slick.



and some funky responses



Well, if you are into maths, it's nice. If you need some statistic data tables, it's nice. For everything else, it seems to lack a bit of contents...

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